NEW BEGINNINGS...with a little back story back story

Four and a half years ago we sailed from North Carolina through the Keys up to Destin and then motored in the ditch to Corpus Christi, TX.  It was a journey that was filled with poor decisions that ultimately led to some very expensive mistakes.  That was on another blog, one that we have chosen to leave in the past.  This new blog is about the future and the journey to again begin cruising.

For the people that weren't here for the previous blog let me get you caught up.  We purchased our 1978 Perry 47 in North Carolina in August of 2008 with the intention of living aboard and eventually cruising.  Beginning in late September of that year we set sail from NC with our eye on Corpus Christi, TX.  Why you might ask?  The boat was in need of extensive cosmetic assistance, a total gut job of the interior, and we decided that if we were going to be in one place for a year or so we would be near family.  My sister lives in San Antonio, Corpus we will go.  

We had a few misadventures and some really good times bringing the boat around the Keys and on to Texas.  We arrived December 30th 2008 and promptly left the boat in the marina and headed back to New Mexico to get our house on the market.  By February 15th the house was sold, closed, all of our belonging were in storage and we were full time liveaboards.  

The boat refit took a little longer than expected and like any good cruiser in waiting I went and got a job at West Marine.  March 30th of 2010 I gave notice, it was time to get out on the water.  That was at 10 AM, at 10 PM that same night we received a call from a friend with a job offer that out we couldn't refuse.  

On April 5th Mark moved back to Chicago, a brand new two year job contract in hand.  I followed June 17th.

Bentley Wayne
Mathew Danger
Fast forward through those two years, o.k. two and a half years, daughter number 1 and her hubby gave us our first grandson, daughter number 2 got married,  daughter number 2 had a baby boy and we enjoyed every minute of it.

On September 30th of 2012 we cut ties in Chicago, sold the bulk of our possessions and returned full time to the boat.

Last year we invented a product and have been working to get it into stores and culinary schools.  We've seen some success and hope this will fill up our cruising kitty and keep it topped off.  We'll see.  Getting something new to market is a little tougher than we had hoped, but we are encouraged!


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